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Keeping the lights on: Chapter 3



The city is not dying. Its consciousness is traversing all the dimensions and will stage a comeback. There are known and unknown danger out there--we need to keep ourselves safe with both light outside and inside...

Keeping the lights--now made up of videos and photos--is a series of responses to some make-believe vibe facing a city that some believe it's been dead. But it doesn't reach its end--its consciousness is traversing all the dimensions known and unknown. Let's keep the lights on.


Sound credits:
SFX_Explosion_11.wav by jalastram -- -- License: Attribution 4.0


Slot machine random wheel. Mixkit Sound Effects Free License


Tension Drones by Vospi -- -- License: Creative Commons 0




這座城市並沒有消亡。 它的意識正在穿越所有維度,並會重生。 地球與這座城市在危險中,需要內在與外在的光去看守。


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