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Mortal Me conversing with Erasable Me


Video, 7 mins 48 secs


The video is an attempt to imagine the shared anxiety between a mortal person (Mortal me) and her uploaded mind (Erasable me) through their conversation.

While mind uploading is a futuristic possibility, the world of uploaded minds might not be a free and perfect digital space where mortals could extend themselves afterlife. This space might just be an extension of mortals’ unresolved conflicts.

Erasable me who lives in the world of uploaded minds is not completely the same as Mortal me because the former interacts with other uploaded minds and has her unique experience.

Mortal Me, after uploading her mind, has suffered from partial memory loss. Through a conversation with Erasable me, she was trying to “recollect her memories” about an important historical event. While Erasable me has the memories Mortal me wants, she warns her that it’s no longer safe to share about that historical event.

It’s equally unsafe in the uploaded world because “walls in the uploaded world also have ears” and there’s the threat of “getting erased” if her speaking about the event gets reported by an "uploaded army of surveillance”.

Sound: Mixkit Sound Effects Free License


假如有天意識上傳不再是科幻,技術成熟了, 人可以有個自由美好的的意識安身之處嗎?還是,人未解決的衝突、焦慮、不安與可怕的監控仍存在於上傳意識的世界裡呢?

作品是對​意識上傳的一點想像。將意識上傳了的Mortal me後來局部失憶,想起一件發生於某年的重要歷史事件,但就是想不起是一件怎樣的事;於是就跟自己的上傳意識Erasable me對話,要找回記憶。Erasable me卻對她說,談論這事太危險了,而在上傳意識的世界,也不見得安全;要是被某些意識發現她談論這些事,也有被刪掉的可能。可怕的監控已延伸到上傳意識的世界。

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