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Scripting Yerevan Experience
EVN_guide2014cover.jpg Yerevan walking guide




View the first edition of the guide:


Yerevan is a place you should visit if you’re keen to see Post-Soviet urban space and understand urban challenges.

This mini travel guide--exhibited in Yerevan's Modern Art Museum from Aug 1 to 6 in 2014--is meant for people who want not only to venture outside tourist attractions in Yerevan but also to create and re-imagine their urban experiences.

Thus, you don’t have to follow things mentioned in the guide--it’s meant to inspire different ways of perceiving urban space and your unique interaction with it.

This guide’d also be useful if you search for some public yet serene spaces to laze around while mulling over your travel experiences. After all, travel isn’t about visiting as many sites as possible. If that rings true to you, this is a guide for you.

I hope you enjoy Yerevan as much as I do and create your own unique urban experience.





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