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Juxtaposed tension: water, decay, buildout



This place juxtaposes two spaces: the Tuen Mun River in Hong Kong--polluted yet still with some fishes and perhaps other organisms--and the infrastructure of the train, which is one of the major forms of public transportation in Hong Kong.


Is this what is called heterotopia--the type that juxtaposes in a single real place several spaces, several sites that are in themselves incompatible?

In this hard-to-define space, the sound of the flowing water, the few chirping birds, the passing train, and nearby moving vehicles also manifests the juxtaposition of spaces that do not seem to fit together.

The visual of the place displays similar contradictions and tension that reflects spatial injustice: the appealing visual composition versus the ruined, exploited and decaying nature.


At the same time the abstractable, compartmentalizable visual structure echoes the mentality of nature being dispensable for further urbanizing an originally rural area--here with that cold, concrete pillar-supported structure that goes beyond the vanishing point.



視覺上也充滿了張力與茅盾,如水倒影空間上的不公義。 吸引視線的構圖與腐朽的自然元素;可分割的視覺結構呼應著自然可為發展而犧牲的想法,都一一透過那冰冷的柱結構呈現。

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