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The most sensual getaway

Video, 3 min 28 secs

As an urban dweller, I am intrigued by the lack of open space and open spaces that were not originally designed for use by individuals. I am particularly curious about spaces of non-places—non-relational, non-historical, non-identity related, and built for transit purpose in French anthropologist Marc Augé’s definition.


Some examples of non-places include waterfront, highways, parks, and supermarkets. Despite the nature of non-places, the interaction between an individual and a non-place creates many possible 'negotiated functions' different from its original function.

Alone or with others, I love to venture into non-places, privatize them temporarily and do things that people usually do at home, aiming to negotiate the space and functions of non-places and share with others my experiences of them. The person in the video isn’t an actress, but someone willing to try something she finds intriguing and something she never did before. Through this act of urban intervention, I have brought “Art-as-an-Experience” to someone.


長期居於都市,我對一些本來不是為人而設的公共空間與都市缺乏供人使用的空間的問題感興趣, 尤其是人類學者Marc Augé提出的的non-place (不與關係、歷史、身份相關)。



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