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Countering statements generated by a washing machine
and its mind




The swirling action of the washing machine in the art video generates statements so full of  baffling “artspeak”, which have drawn criticism and led two artists to publish a book titled International Art English. (I'm also aware of criticism on this book, which I'll look into and create some responses)


​Washing machines of course don’t generate art statements but saying so mirrors the non-sensical nature of artspeak (sometimes it’s amusing though).


​When artspeak statements and interpretations overwhelm audiences and drown artworks, let’s get even by “captioning” them with images to highlight obscure nature of the language.


Countering this "washing-machine generated" statement with images and footages is a means to empower myself as an artist and an audience.


I consider this the counteractive power of art. The statement in this art video is a remix of fragments from statements found in events I visited before and on social media.

Sound (Creative Commons Licence)
In this video, Chiptune One.wav by CarlosCarty is used after edits were made.



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