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This is the last thing that remains

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Digital images


Most of the time we are not aware of light’s existence unless there’s none when we need it desperately. 


Photography requires the use of light to result in an image—and this is also the definition  of photography. 


This project is to focus on light itself and the fact that it is the first thing that starts a process and is the last thing that remains. 


The creation process was to first photograph light in different spaces in Hong Kong (my room, a train, a neighborhood, and a theatre), and then to print out the images, which were then photographed and printed. This print-and-shoot process was again repeated for several rounds.


At the end of this manual process, the final images were different from the  original ones, without the use of any software, app, and/or filter to manipulate images. 


No matter where and how an image (in this case, images of light) is taken, light exists at  the beginning and is what remains after this manually repeated process of printing and shooting.

數碼影像,呎吋不定, 2019




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