This is the last thing that remains

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The use of light to capture something to result in an image is the definition of photography.

In this project, the process is to first photograph light in different spaces in Hong Kong, and then to print out each of the images, which are then photographed and printed.

This print-and-shoot process is again repeated for several rounds.

At the end of this manual, low-tech process, the final images are different from the original ones, without the use of any software, app, and/or filter to manipulate images.

The originals are images of light in my bedroom, my neighborhood, a train, a typical Hong Kong office, and in the Sunbeam Theatre in North Point opened in 1972. The abundant light in Hong Kong hits our eyeballs, but we might not be aware of it and how we relate to it.

Through this process of photographing light from the most personal space to the most shared public spaces, I try to be aware of my relationship with light and the essence of photography.

No matter where an image of light was taken, light is what remains after this manually repeated process of printing and shooting.


數碼影像,呎吋不定, 2019



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