Barter: Outside our windows

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Welcome to this Photo Barter (as part of my remote artist residency at Japan-based art living space co.iki.) I've taken photos from windows in my home in Hong Kong during the pandemic. To participate in this barter, you just need to follow 3 simple steps:

1. Click on the larger photo above and swipe right  (or hit the right arrow if you browse with a desktop) to look for a photo you want.

2. Take a screenshot of that photo you want and attach it to the email you will send me (clickable email link in 3.). In that email,  you will also send:

a.  a photo you took from your window during the coronavirus pandemic for the barter;

b. your name (can be a nickname) and your email address

c. where you took the photo (for example, Tokyo, Japan) 

3. Click the chat button on the right of this page or email me​. (If this email link does not work for you, send your email to: If you like to write and allow me to show what you've written along with your photo, you can drop a short message telling me something about your photo or how your photo relates to you during the pandemic.

4. I will send you a link to download a high-resolution version of the photo you want from me. 

5. You can pick more than 1 photo if you'd like to send me more than 1 photo you took from your windows for exchange.

6. Your photo will be shown  in this blog:











2. 気に入った写真のスクリーンショットを撮って(もしくはファイル名をメール内(以下3)にコピーペーストしてもらって)メール添付して私宛てに送ってください。


a. このコロナ下であなたが自宅の窓から撮影した写真(交換用)


b. あなたの名前(ニックネームも可)、あなたのEメール


c. 写真を撮った場所(例:東京‧日本)

3.そして、サイト右下にあるチャットアイコンから添付、もしくはEメールにて私に送ってください。(このEメールリンクがうまく動作しない場合は、こちら に直接送ってください。)















2.當你見到喜歡的照片時可以截圖(或將檔案名稱 copy&paste到電郵件中:下面有中可點擊的電子郵件連結),並將其附加到電郵中。在該電郵中,你將發送:

a. 一幅在疫情期間從窗戶拍的照片
b. 你的名字(不需真名)、你的email 及你拍照時的所在地 (例: 香港)

3.按本頁右邊的chat buttonemail me(如果此電子郵件連結不能使用,請將郵件發送至你也可寫下你拍照時所想或有關那照片的故事,請注明你是否允許我顯示那些內容。


5. 你的照片將在這裡展出:


What are these photos taken from my windows at home?

Size variable

Digital images


These are images I took from my windows at home during the pandemic. I will continue to update by capturing what's outside my window.

Though there’s been no formal lockdown in Hong Kong, I, like many others, have spent lots of time at home since March this year. 


The windows at home have become a major way of how I visually connect with the physical outside. 


The resulting reduced mobility from the pandemic has given rise to a heightened awareness of others’ existence and appearance, which is manifested through the small-sized people, animals, and objects in the photos.


People and dogs passing by appear very small but I am aware of their movements or staying more than ever. 


In addition, I am aware of light changes such as shades of shadows cast by nearby trees, the shapes of clouds, the watermarks on a slope, and the flowing of water when it rains.


Such awareness becomes not only a way of seeing but also an important starting point of building deeper connection to the outside, which might be something that we need to explore and sustain after the pandemic to re-connect with the world and re-imagine how we relate to the world.



數碼影像,呎吋不定, 2020-2021