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Clues for city wandering
scripting_yerevan_experience.jpeg Yerevan Walking Guide


Postcards, Mini guide for Yerevan in print, gifts for selected participants (a photo book, reprints of photos, and 2 corn cobs), documentation of process

Participatory project

Download the mini guide:

Download the process (to see the postcards, gifts for participants, and the process):


Clues for city wandering was a participants-inspired project in which locals of Yerevan (capital city of Armenia) received a postcard I made out of Hong Kong photos after they answered two questions:


1. Which is your most favorite place (outside your home) in Yerevan that you want to have it for yourself for one day (you can do whatever you want there)? Why?


2. Which place in Yerevan you dislike the most that you think it should at least be improved or gone completely? Why?


After collecting names of different places and instructions on how to get there, I checked out their favorite places and decided which to include in Scripting Yerevan Experience: Mini guide (Second edition)


Those participants whose mentioned places were included in the guide received a copy of the mini guide and a gift different for each of them. Gifts (a small photo book, reprints of photos, and 2 corn cobs)

明信片、迷你旅遊指南、給參與者的禮物 (相冊、重印相片及兩條粟米)、創作過程紀錄





都市遊走的線索是一個讓Yerevan (亞美尼亞的首都)公眾參與,並由他們啟發藝術工作者的項目。參與人士回答以下兩個問題後,可選取一張用香港風景照片製作的明信片 。


1. 有那個在Yerevan你最喜歡的地方,想在那裡留一天,做你喜歡做的事?為甚麼?


2. 有那個在Yerevan你最不喜歡的地方,你認為必要改造它,甚至拆掉?為甚麼?




地方給選取成為指南第二版內容的參與者可獲指南一本及一份為他們而選的禮物 (一本相冊、四幅照片及兩條粟米)。


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