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The secret of Octo
Octo 的秘密



Amusement parks—with their spatial designs and the choices of types of rides—pre-determine visitors' experience of leisure, fun, and play as well as behaviors inside parks. Thus, what amusement parks offer is passive leisure.

This is not a judgement on these parks but a thought about them and a process of recalling my memories about them.

Coming from a city where all old-school amusement parks have been demolished , I can only remember one that I visited when I was a kid but that is a vague memory.

When I came across the octopus+dragon-like ride in the video inside Victory Park in Yerevan, Armenia in 2014, it was reminiscent of visits to that amusement park in my hometown. When that amusement park was demolished 25 years ago, many people found it a pity and shared their memories about it. But I could hardly remember anything I did during my visits.


The processing of the footage allows me to re-imagine how I relate to the ride , its form and at the same time embed my imagination while recalling my own memories of an old-school amusement park.







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