The secret of Octo
Octo 的秘密



This is the beginning of a research on old school amusement parks. Amusement parks—with their spatial designs and the choices of types of rides—pre-determine visitors' experience of leisure, fun, and play as well as behaviors inside parks. Thus, what amusement parks offer is passive leisure.

This is not about passing ethical judgement on amusement parks but a process through which better understanding of old school amusement parks and experience of leisure can be achieved.

Coming from a city where there's no longer any old school amusement park, I have in my memory the only one that still existed when I was a kid  but it's a vague memory. That park is also the city's collective memory while memory of leisure is what intrigues me as well.

I came across the octopus+dragon-like ride in the video inside Victory Park in Yerevan, Armenia in 2014.

The processing of the footage allows me to re-imagine how I relate to the ride, its form and at the same time embed my imagination while transforming my own experience of this passive leisure activity.