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Barter: Pictures of blue sky wanted 
以物易物: 岸邊換藍天
photo barter
photo barter


Participatory project 


I want to look at a blue sky—this is what Hong Kong lacks. These photos were shown in Hong Kong and London, England before, and will be shown in different locations in the future.


Through this barter and photography project, I trade ‘art’ without the use of money as a medium of transaction. This way of exchange also offers a lot more than money-based transactions can offer—experiences in negotiation as well as getting to know people what people think about exchanging photos and something about places I've never heard.

To view what photos I've collected, visit:


In addition, I would like to demonstrate ‘art-as-an-experience’ through this project where people can participate, become an art project collaborator, and be acknowledged for their contribution to the project.


This art experience—together with its inspiration—can start with something as simple as taking a picture of a blue sky and giving it to someone who wants it and will give you another photo in return.


Come trade a blue sky photo you took for a waterfront photo by me. (Of course you are welcome to trade more than 1 picture with me) You can pick your favorite from the 11 pictures i took in either Berlin or Hong Kong. (See the above contact sheet of waterfront pictures.These pictures are all taken by me.)


This is also a great opportunity for those who’d like to collect photos in black and white as almost all the images by me are in this category.


To join the project, go to my contact page to leave a message

參與式計劃 (2012-14)

通過以物易物, 我從世界各地搜羅藍天的照片;在不常看到藍天的香港,這是我可以看見藍天的方法。這些照片曾在香港及英國倫敦展出過,也會於其他地方展出。


透過這個計劃,我亦同時以不用金錢的方法, 作了一場藝術作品的交易,過程中所得如應付“討價還價”的技巧、認識不同人對交換照片的看法及認識從未聽聞的地方等都是用金錢交易中未必得到。



此外, 這計劃也實踐了‘藝術就是經驗’的概念,讓參與者成為計劃中與我一同工作的伙伴,而他們的照片亦會於網上及合適的展覽中展出。


這一種的藝術經驗及因其而來的靈感其實就是來自生活中的簡單事情如拍一幅藍天的照片,然後跟人交換另一幅照片。 歡迎你也來跟我交換照片。你只需給我一幅藍天的照片,就可選取一幅你喜歡的岸邊照片(參考上面有11張照片的圖像);整個交易將在網上進行。


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