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Questioning the subscription to an 'official' image of Victoria Harbour


Scanned 120 BW film

Lambda print on dibond

100x75cm each


Images do not only help people identify a place, but they also partly make up the identity of a place. Often such images don’t reflect much about personal experience of a particular place. They are mostly from what I call a 'subscription' to a stereotypical or an 'official edition' image. 


The typical images of the popular Victoria Harbour front is a case in point – showing the island side of the harbor front from Tsim Sha Tsui and often seen in people’s personal photos and advertisements. I am interested in exploring and producing my own personal version of images of places to 'counter’ the 'subscribed official images' of the Victoria Harbour. 


My images of place don't mean to be more 'real' than the 'official edition' because I am as biased as others. What I want to offer is a different way of mentally and actually seeing, interpreting a place.






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