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Keeping the lights on: Chapter 1



Keeping the lights on, not creating a vibe (such as a night vibe), is the way to guard this place in this fragile era. There are known and unknown danger out there--we need to keep ourselves safe with both light outside and inside...

Keeping the lights on--now made up of videos and photos--is a series of responses to some make-believe vibe facing a city that some believe it's been dead. But it doesn't reach its end--its consciousness is traversing all the dimensions known and unknown. Let's keep the lights on.

I took a photo of the view outside my living room windows almost every night from November 2023 to March 2024 to see if people were home and switched on their lights or they were outside enjoying the “night vibe”.


I layered the photos weekly and monthly as well as creating an aggregate photo that layered the monthly photos.


In addition, I created videos to mimic the act of switching on lights. Some of the videos are imagined stories based on my reflection of the “current vibe”.

Other videos in the series:

Keeping the lights on: Chapter 2

Keeping the lights on: Chapter 3




Sound credits:

ZHRØ, Horror sound #2.mp3. Creative Commons License. 

CuddleNucks, Bubbling / Beeping Low fi with rumble. Creative Commons License. 

Lone wolf howling. Mixkit Sound Effects Free License

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