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It's not random

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Digital images


This is the former residence of Japanese novelist Takero Arishima in Sapporo Art Park.


Through the windows of the house, I spot a scene unrelated to the exhibits and their narratives.


Seeing a scene through a window is not a random act. A window is a frame which gives or "suggests" a range of what can be seen. Though the space around the frame is not shown in a photo, it—together with the displays, its lighting, and its ambience—are interacting with an image creator whose eyes are caught by what’s outside through the window frame.


Perhaps, this particular ambience was what made me aware of what was outside the window (within the frame), feel touched by it, and kickstart a photographic process. 

數碼影像,呎吋不定, 2023



在屋內看到一道與展品及其敘述並不相關的風景。 隔著一扇窗看見一道風景並非是一次偶然的看見。窗是一個框,框給了一個可看見什麼的範圍,而框所在的空間,雖不在照片中,但它的氛圍,空間中所展示的及一切的配套如燈光,也跟影像創造者互動,攝影從不是單純拍下所看見的。



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