Outside my windows

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These are images I took from my windows at home during the coronavirus pandemic. I will continue to update by capturing what's outside my window.

From the different windows of the apartment in which I live, one of the things i can see is an interesting slope. Sometimes wild boars and monkeys pass by. At other times, dogs live in the neighborhood rest there at night as shown in some of the photos. Humans bike and jog up and down the slope. As light changes, shades of shadows cast by the nearby trees change or there is no shadow on the ground.

I can also have a glimpse of the far away Victoria Peak, a famous hill and also a tourist spot in Hong Kong, from the small window of the bathroom in my apartment.




數碼影像,呎吋不定, 2020


從其中的​窗旁,我可看到一個有趣的斜坡,間中有猴、野豬走過。 有時,也有住在附近的狗深夜在休息,如一些照片中所見。不時也有人在這裡跑步或騎單車。隨著光線轉變,路上的樹影也不同或消失。


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