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What unimaginable forms, Comix Home Base, Hong Kong, 2015

Participatory photo hunt game

Audiences in this participatory photo hunt game were invited to find 16 locations inside Comix Home Base, a grade 2 historical building in Wanchai, Hong Kong, from 16 photos taken on site. (Some of the photos are included in the gallery below.) 

The building was a pre-WWII residential block of ten tenement houses.

Art works are not only objects to view, but they could be experiences. Through this project, I try to explore an interactive creative process that takes place at the exhibition site and is related to the exhibition venue (in this case, Comix Home Base). Your participation is the work and this is your work!

In the entire group exhibition, audiences didn't find artworks that they would expect to find because it was created to allow audiences to experience art without seeing them. As a result, hints or projects that require audiences's participation were "exhibited".

My work in the exhibition

Exhibition critique in Chinese


Photo 1 by exhibition team of What unimaginable forms

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