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About my Practice

I explore art-as-responses to urban situations (or situations in any sites/locations) and create shared-experiences by involving people (both artists and non-artists) as collaborators.

Many of my works reflect my interest as a flaneur in space of urban non-places such as harbor front and highways, their possible functions, and people's interaction with it. Inspired by the notorious urban planning and spatial injustice of the city I live in, I reflect on and show personal experience of urban space and its possible functions I can actualize through my works.

There is reportedly more than half of the world's population living in cities now. I assume most of my audiences and potential audiences have some experiences of living in cities. I would like city dwellers to read my works as my reflections on curious urban locations in open space - whether they know or agree with the notion of non-places - and in the hope they will be reminded of similar space they visited and be curious about them in their personal ways.

In addition, involving people as equal collaborators in participatory projects is an important part of my practice. Through these projects, I aim to demonstrate that art is an experience rather than just an object at which we look.


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