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About my Practice

I used to call myself a flaneur for the past decade when it came to my art practice because many of my works were responses (via videos and photos) to urban situations (or situations in any sites/locations) encountered during my walks.


I’m still interested in that. But I’d also started to create works—especially during the pandemic—that were responses to other issues such as how I connected with the outside from inside my living space and “International Art English” (or artspeak).

While venturing outside urban situations, sites, and locations in my practice, I still adopt a flaneur's approrach to art creation—observing what's out there on my way and creating responses.

I’d also like to continue to create shared-experiences by involving people (both artists and non-artists) as collaborators.


Involving people as equal collaborators in participatory projects is an important part of my practice. Through these projects, I aim to demonstrate that art is an experience rather than just an object at which we look.




artist photographer, asian artist, hong kong artist, art video
Teresa Leung | Artist


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