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Artist statement

I reimagine and respond to various situations such as those related to non-places, urban fabric, post-communist urban space, political/economic reality, and International Art English (the vague and overblown artspeak) with mediums including videos and photos.


Non-places are non-relational, non-historical, non-identity related, and built for transit purpose, according to French anthropologist Marc Augé.


In addition, I create shared-experiences by involving people—both artists and non-artists—as equal collaborators in participatory projects to demonstrate that art is an experience rather than just an object for viewing.


Previously I had a focus on non-places and urban fabric in my practice while calling myself a flaneur artist. But I also started in recent years to reimagine and create responses—sometimes subtle ones—to International Art English and baffling political and economic realities.

While venturing outside my past focus, I still adopt a flaneur's approach to my art practice—observing what's out there, reflecting on chosen observations, exploring how I can respond, and making my responses.

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