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Urgent! Very Urgent!!!

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One day in 2021 I heard some sound reminiscent of a broken down vehicle. Looking out from a window, I spotted a delivery person who was trying to fix his motorbike. But to no avail, the motorbike failed to move. The person started to make calls for help. About 20 minutes later, another motorbiker arrived and took away a box of food for delivery. 

The delivery person stayed and continued to make calls after the other motorbiker had left.

This reminds me of "urgent requests" hitting people's inboxes with that familiar headline of "Urgent!!!" or "Very Urgent!!!", which usually doesn't reflect any reality and is typical of contemporary life. (at least in this part of the world where I live) That headline should be in store for this delivery person.


數碼影像,呎吋不定, 2021


這讓我想起很多人包括我自己有時收到的一些“急件”,標題總是寫著“急!”或 “十分緊急”,是題不符現實的,不過也是現在相當普遍的情況(起碼在我身處城市是如此)。對題的,該是這外賣送遞員的境況。

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